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Sermons are an important element in our Sunday morning worship services at Blooming Glen. Generally the sermons are preached by one of our pastors, seeking to offer encouragement, instruction, and hope.


Recent Sermons:

“That’s Just the Way It Is” (08-13-17) – Corinne Jager

Isaiah 43:16-21


“Why Do We Serve?” (08-06-17) – Dan Emr

John 4



“If God is for Us, Who Can Be Against Us?” (07-30-17) – Wayne Speigle

Romans 8:26-39



“Those Who Have Ears to Hear” (07-16-17) – Wayne Speigle

Blooming Glen Delegates: Curtis Denlinger, Rick Kratz, Robin Long, Kim Moyer, Karla Myers


Megan Bishop and Mariah Denlinger sharing on their cross cultural experiences. (07-02-17)


 “Choose Life” (06-25-17) – Mary Nitzsche



“Deeper into Darkness, Closer to the Light” (06-18-17) – Wayne Speigle


 “Abounding in Love, Abiding in Grace” (06-11-17) – Ervin Stutzman